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Lisa & Thomas' Terregles Church & Easterbrook Wedding

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All images copyright Duncan Ireland Photography.

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Lisa & Thomas' Terregles Church & Easterbrook Hall Wedding

Terregles Church Wedding Photographer | Easterbrook Hall Wedding Photographer.

On a wedding day time always seems to be set to 'fast forward', and the opportunity for photographs can be limited. I'm faced with trying to make the most of the short time available, especially with Bride and Groom portraits. That's where a little forward planning really helps... So a couple of days before Lisa and Thomas' wedding I headed to Terregles Church to plan out how we'd maximise the time.

Lisa and Thomas are a lovely couple - so warm and friendly, and relaxed in front of the camera, so I knew the candid photographs were going to be straight forward. And Lisa was getting ready within walking distance from Terregles Church, so perfect for me to get to... the most challenging timing of the day was between the ceremony and reception, where Lisa had mentioned the possibility of travelling into the hills beyond Terregles to the countryside overlooking Dumfries. As soon as I saw the location I was convinced! It was gorgeous - and we just had to include the location in the photographs... So back to my reccy, prior to the wedding - I'd spied a grassy field that I thought was an interesting location...calling in at the nearby farmhouse I got permission to photograph in what I now know as 'Greg's silage field' ! - Thank you Greg. As I drove away I thought to myself - all we need is a good sky...

Planning and preparation over - the wedding day arrived and I spent the morning at Lisa's Mum & Dad's capturing the day's preparations, and being thoroughly spoiled with cups of tea and cake! Just as I headed out to Terregles Church the grey clouds opened and rained down on all the guests arriving (gulp). But the rain passed before Lisa's walk to the Church, and the service was beautiful. Speaking to the Church Minister beforehand I was pleasantly surprised that he gave me permission to photograph from anywhere I liked, and even suggested I stand in the Pulpit to get a better view (I was bowled over) - what a lovely attitude.

With the service completed I shot Lisa's very sensible small number of group photographs - leaving twenty-five minutes for the posed photographs - into my car we shot, picking up Lisa's wellie's as we passed the house and headed for Greg's silage field - I filled Lisa and Thomas in about the location on-route and as we arrived I was just hoping for that good sky to get something special... Good sky!! I was like a kid on Christmas morning as Thomas undid the bailer twine on the field gate and we walked into the middle of Greg's field - Greg's silage field! The lush grass, that sky, the most perfect sky, and the beautiful autumn mid-afternoon light made this humble field a pretty special place to be - everything just came together at the right moment.

Then - bailer twine re-tied, back in the car, stopping half-way for a view over Dumfries (and gorgeous silhouette), dropping off wellies and back to Terregles in 25 minutes flat (well, maybe 5 minutes late). Then we travelled to the opposite side of Dumfries and the Easterbook Hall, where the guests were awaiting Lisa and Thomas' arrival.

I switched back into reportage mode for the rest of the day and continued to capture some lovely moments into the night - what a beautiful wedding day, and a lovely couple, warm welcoming family - and that fantastic sky... it was a truly good day for Terregles wedding photography.