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Duncan Ireland Photography © Duncan Ireland. All Rights Reserved.


My style of photography is natural and true to life, my photographs have impact because of the moments in them: you won't see any Photoshop fads or effects to give them drama, just real emotion, careful timing and dynamic composition.

I'm with you for the whole wedding day, morning to night - to capture the entire experience and I limit the number of weddings I photograph each year to 35 so I'm fresh and enthusiastic for every one.

I love to meet each couple beforehand and hear your plans and ideas. If you're 'camera shy' I can combine this with a pre-wedding shoot and you'll soon be at ease, and thinking - 'this is actually good fun!'

I visit every new venue beforehand to see the opportunities, rehearse the journey and travel between locations, so on the day we get the best photographs thanks to careful preparation.

At your wedding I'll be a friendly face, carefully looking, composing, often in the background - you may not notice I'm there for much of the day. And I'll chat with your guests, develop a friendly rapport - once they feel comfortable with me they'll forget I'm there and the photographs just flow. During posed photographs I'll chat away - putting you at ease, making you laugh, and your photographs will be an experience you'll enjoy.

Photographing weddings is a fantastic experience, I'm able to share the most important day of a couple's lives, and record the story; it's a real privilege. If you like the results and are interested to know more, I'd love to hear from you.


I love light, travel, taking photographs (no surprises there), islands, especially the Outer Hebrides - sunny days, cloud formations, skylarks. And I've been fotunate to have some wonderfully inspiring people in my life - my Mum who let me paint alongside her to encourage my artistic streak, my Dad who gave me my first camera (I still prize it).

I love coffee, flapjacks, good music, the sea, painting, Apple products, natural wood, stories well told, and I love telling a story through photographs. I treasure the memories my photographs record - to me they are priceless and the importance of this underpins everything I love about wedding photography.

I know how important choosing the right photographer is when planning your wedding and I love that responsibility.

About Me

That's me up there... I stacked those logs, and ironed that shirt! I think weddings are awesome - as is photography. So life as a wedding photographer is a dream come true.

about me